New name: Greenhouse Design

A new era is dawning for Pelecon. That is why we have chosen to change the company name Konstruktie- en Adviesburo Verheijdt with continuation under the Pelecon flag to “Greenhouse Design” as of 1 July. Our new name and corporate identity confirm what we stand for, namely: innovative, technical, future-proof, unique and approachable. On July 1, the day on which we officially start with Greenhouse Design, we will unveil the corporate identity and our website will also be live on which you can read exactly what our ambitions are for the wonderful company that Frank has set up.

Enthusiasm, specialization and experience

Frank has found an ambitious, enthusiastic party in Pelecon ( who will continue his work with the same pleasure. We are very well versed in calculating small and (very) large steel structures, among other things. We have experience with the construction of distribution centers in the Netherlands and other European countries for Albert Heijn, Lidl and This is in line with the design of steel structures for greenhouse construction where repetition and optimization are important. We also have experience in constructively calculating custom stacked concrete blocks ( With the continuation, the calculation of greenhouse constructions will now also be added, for which two specialized constructors from the Pelecon team, in addition to calculating other architectural constructions, are committed 100% to greenhouse construction from 1 July.

Structural engineer Erik Brok will soon be mainly concerned with the actual calculations of greenhouse structures and structural engineer Piet Peters will use his very long experience in steel structures to enable designs and innovations. Henk van Vliet takes over all commercial activities from Frank, with the support of the secretariat and all other Pelecon employees.

We have reached agreement with Hortivation about the use of Casta. In addition to the work that Frank did, we will also provide user courses and program feedback for Hortivation.