Expansion of our team

As a team, Greenhouse Design is perfectly attuned to each other. That does not come naturally, we also invest in it! And that is precisely why it is so nice that we have expanded our team. Recently Steven Engels started with us and brings new energy and inspiring insights that we as a team can learn a lot from! Steven graduated from TU Delft and is helping us to further develop the Greenhouse Design brand. Welcome Steven!

Making future plans during the summer holidays

Greenhouse Design has been up and running for a few months now. We did not sit still this time. For example, we have had various conversations with greenhouse builders and we are doing calculations for a number of them. Time for reflection…. Starting a brand is great fun, but it also means that there must be a time for reflection. In which we look back on the past period and think about the future. How can we provide our (potential)...

We are starting!

As of today, July 1, Greenhouse Design is officially a fact! With our commitment and expertise we hope to meet the wish of greenhouse builders to have an independent constructor, specialized in greenhouse construction, available. Together we can further expand the success of greenhouse construction internationally. We look forward to a great collaboration and a wonderful future for Greenhouse Design!

New name: Greenhouse Design

A new era is dawning for Pelecon. That is why we have chosen to change the company name Konstruktie- en Adviesburo Verheijdt with continuation under the Pelecon flag to "Greenhouse Design" as of 1 July. Our new name and corporate identity confirm what we stand for, namely: innovative, technical, future-proof, unique and approachable. On July 1, the day on which we officially start with Greenhouse Design, we will unveil the corporate identity and our website www.greenhousedesign.nl will also be live...