Greenhouse Design takes advantage of it
calculation program CASTA and advises on the
further development of this unique program.


Dutch greenhouse horticulture is particularly successful worldwide. An important reason for that success in the highly efficient design of the construction of greenhouses. The vast majority of glass-enclosed greenhouses were designed with the help of CASTA / greenhouse construction, a program developed by TNO in collaboration with companies from the sector. Greenhouse Design uses this program and advises on the further development of this unique program.

The design program has been in use since 1989. The introduction of CASTA / greenhouse construction partly ensured that the scaling-up of the Dutch greenhouses could take place at a rapid pace. Greenhouse builders can use the program to efficiently deliver custom work in calculating the substructure of “Venlokassen” and other types of greenhouses and it offers insight into the consequences of the various alternatives. The construction becomes economically attractive and as light as possible without compromising structural safety. The control calculations are in accordance with the greenhouse construction standard NEN 3859 and the Building Decree. CASTA / greenhouse construction can also handle foreign construction standards.

Hortivation Foundation

The sector of Dutch greenhouse construction has contributed to the development of CASTA / greenhouse construction from the start. The Hortivation Foundation was established for this purpose. TNO is now working on improvements, including expansions with new modules and adjustments to the latest developments and requirements. In this way, the sector can make optimal use of fast calculation systems that can handle increasingly complex calculation models.

Think actively about CASTA

Greenhouse Design has an agreement with Hortivation for the use of CASTA and is actively involved in the development of CASTA. Greenhouse Design will also support the foundation with user courses and feedback. Greenhouse Design is an expert in the background of CASTA and can also calculate greenhouses that cannot be calculated with CASTA. Greenhouse Design can also assist in answering questions from controlling authorities.